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According to the Central Statistical Office, more than half of the Polish GDP has been generated by the largest regions: Warsaw capital city, Silesia, Greater Poland, Lower Silesia and Lesser Poland. It is also worth noticing, that the 6 worst performing regions have in total a smaller share in the GDP than Warsaw alone!

Differentiation at the level of regions deepens
The gap between the richest and poorest regions is widening year by year. In the richest capital region GDP per capita is 4 times higher than the national average. Even worse, in the poorest region, it is only 68% of the average! So it is easy to calculate that the average GDP in the poorest region of Lublin is as much as 3 times lower than in the Warsaw region!

The stratification between the poorest and the richest regions continues to grow
The poorest regions, in addition to having the smallest share of GDP, are unfortunately also the slowest growing. Economic growth in the Lubelskie voivodship, which closes the ranking, amounts only to 3.5 per cent. This result is not very good in comparison to the whole country, where this ratio amounts to 6.3 per cent. The second last region in terms of GDP is Warmia and Mazury, which is also at the end of the ranking when it comes to the pace of development.

Which regions develop the fastest?
The region of Podkarpacie, which neighbors the least developed Lubelskie region, is developing the fastest. In terms of GDP growth rate it even overtakes Warsaw!

The development of the region is visible not only in its capital city Rzeszów. The main directions of development of the region are automotive industry, information technology and aviation. New investors are attracted to the region, hoping that their business here will also record high growth and quick profit. This situation is influenced not only by the profit of large corporations from sales but also by the proper use of EU funds.

Despite the fastest GDP growth in the country, per capita income in Podkarpackie is still low. In terms of contribution to the national GDP Podkarpacie is only in 10th place ahead of only West Pomeranian, Opolskie and all other provinces of Eastern Poland.

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