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A great alternative for young entrepreneurs and freelancers
Coworking offices have a shared workspace designed for freelancers and young entrepreneurs who can rent a desk by the hour or a standard office on a permanent basis. A coworking desk is often cheaper than renting an office in an office building, plus it provides an opportunity to meet new people and make interesting business contacts.

Working in a coworking environment provides better comfort than a home office, where you are often distracted by many factors and where you cannot focus on your work. Apart from a comfortable place to work, a coworking office is a better solution than working at home due to its excellent infrastructure – that is, training and conference rooms for meetings with clients, a relaxation area, a kitchen with a coffee machine and a reception desk with a printer and a scanner.

Thanks to working in coworking space you can not only gain additional clients among other coworkers, but also find potential coworkers, thanks to whom you can extend your offer with additional services, which will allow you to diversify your business. Receiving clients in a prestigious location and a nicely decorated training room will certainly be taken more seriously than when meeting contractors in a coffee shop. Coworking office will be perfect for copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, young entrepreneurs, writers, architects etc.

Opt for a virtual address
Thanks to this solution you will spread your wings
Nowadays in big cities we have a real rash of coworking offices, which does not make the choice any easier. For how to distinguish between dozens of seemingly the same companies? Well, when choosing a coworking or virtual office we should first take price into account. Companies offer to rent a desk by the hour, and some have only subscriptions for a week or a month. Decide for yourself whether you just need a desk from time to time to get away from work at home or in a cafe, or whether you want a permanent, comfortable space to work? When analyzing offers, let’s go to a given coworking space and assess standard of the building and work space, and let’s consider whether the price/quality ratio is sufficient for us. Also pay attention to the type of contract, the notice period and the form of payment for the office – monthly or in advance for a year. All these aspects should be taken into account before choosing a coworking office.

One of the most important aspects is a good location. It is important both for you and for potential clients. Choose an office that is well connected to your home and can be easily reached from different parts of the city. Very often the smartest solution is to rent an office in a coworking space located in the city center. A prestigious virtual address will also increase the value of your business when you register your company on a trusted street.

Functional conference room
An option as important as a comfortable relaxation area
Not every virtual office or coworking space has the necessary tools to work comfortably and efficiently. The basic tool of all entrepreneurs is wifi. Nowadays all coworking offices have it, however you should pay attention whether it is included in the rental price or paid additionally.

While choosing your dream coworking space, check if the conference rooms and training rooms are nicely designed and functional enough to meet your needs during client meetings. Not all coworking offices have such rooms, so you need to check this before signing the contract. Let’s see if the virtual office building is prestigious and representative enough for you and your clients, which will be important both when renting an office and just a virtual address.

Let’s check if the office has proper infrastructure such as relaxation area, well equipped kitchen, photocopier and printer etc, which will provide you with comfort and necessary tools to work. The kitchen facilities should be of adequate standard and a good coworking office should offer storage space for your personal belongings. An important aspect is an equipped kitchen. Make sure it has all the necessary utensils and a coffee machine where you can brew coffee for yourself and your clients. In the relaxation zone you will rest after a busy day and you will be able to take a break from work there. Such zones usually offer comfortable armchairs, hammocks or even consoles, which will provide you with relaxation, thanks to which you will gain strength and inspiration for further work.

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